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GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) serves as a guideline for safety and quality during the production of medicines. GPD (Good Distribution Practice) stipulates how to distribute medicines correctly as soon as the products leave the producer. For example, it is mandatory to record the the temperature of goods on receipt. There are also stipulations regarding temperature monitoring.

Cold chain optimisation for pharma

VebaBox understands the specific pharma regulations. We optimise each step in the cold chain with our active and passive cooling solutions. Thanks to our flexibility of volume and modularity, our products can be integrated into all existing processes and standards. We can combine refrigeration, freezing, or ambient temperatures in a single vehicle and prevent cold chain breaks in each step. Want to optimise or become more sustainable in the pharma sector? We reduce handling and transport movements within existing processes. With quality and compliance being a priority, in all markets.

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Omega Logistics
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Dual-temp: active cooling with two temperature zones

Omega Logistics has started using the VebaBox dual-temp solution; a customised active solution with two temperature zones, namely a cooling temp. of 2-8°C and an ambient temp. of 15-25°C for transporting medicines in a flexible and more efficient way.

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