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Many products in the healthcare sector are dependent on conditioned transport. The right temperature is crucial for blood - and products made with blood. The efficacy of vaccines and other medicines is also highly dependent on the right conditions. In the healthcare sector, people's lives literally depend on conditioned transport.

Passive and active cooling solutions from VebaBox

VebaBox's passive and active cooling solutions optimise the cold chain in the healthcare sector. We reduce transport movements by being able to combine different temperatures in a single vehicle. We ensure products remain at the right temperature at all times throughout the chain by conditioning the cargo space (which can be used in all steps of the process).

Cold chain innovation leads to new processes and business models

We optimise cold chains without having to modify existing processes and we are able to offer input into new processes and business models with this innovative vision. Refrigerated trucks and cold storage facilities are no longer necessary. How sustainable, efficient and flexible would you like to be?

Want to make the cold chain healthier?

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