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General questions

There is a grey/silver sticker affixed to the top right of the VebaBox door. This sticker states the series number. View the sticker here.

You can find the maintenance sticker on the right-hand door of the VebaBox next to the grey/silver sticker. A tiny hole is perforated in the month and year that maintenance is required next. View an example here.

Practical questions

It only needs a connection for the VebaBox in vehicle's cargo space. The original battery and generator can remain in the vehicle. Some vehicles with an intelligent generator will require a special provision (DC/DC converter) for the VebaBox to function properly. 

Yes, the VebaBox is equipped with a smooth polyester top layer inside and out, which makes it very easy to clean.

Every VebaBox can be completely adapted to your requirements, so shelves, stackable crates, cargo straps and drawers can be provided.

Yes, there are various options in this respect. From a simple pallet base to a Heavy Duty VebaBox with wheels. We would be happy to discuss your needs so that we can make a suitable proposal. Smaller VebaBoxes can be removed from the vehicle by 2 people.

Yes, you can. However, we also offer a dual-temp VebaBox solution.

Yes you can. We would be delighted to give you a tour of our showroom in Uden, The Netherlands.

Yes, you can. The VebaBox is generally leased with the vehicle (as an accessory). The cool box then becomes your property at the end of the lease period. Contact us or your commercial vehicle dealer to find out more.

The VebaBox lasts as long as several vehicles. Depending on use, VebaBoxes can be used over the lifespan of 3 to 4 vehicles in practice.

The VebaBox comes with a 1 year guarantee. If installation of the VebaBox is carried out by a designated commercial vehicle installer, you also get a 1 year guarantee on installation.

Technical questions

This depends on usage of the VebaBox. Battery Power Packs that enable the VebaBox to continue cooling for around 15 to 20 minutes of every hour while the vehicle is stationary can be supplied for every VebaBox. This depends on the volume of the VebaBox. We would be happy to discuss your needs so that we can make a suitable proposal. 

No, this cannot happen when using the electro set. It contains a voltage-dependent split-charge relay which automatically switches the VebaBox off and on when you switch the vehicle's engine off or on. In addition, all VebaBoxes are designed in such a way that the power they draw while driving is enough to charge the starter battery sufficiently. 

Yes, it is. We also offer a dual-temp VebaBox solution.

Yes you can, but we no longer advise this since the advent of EURO6 engines. These EURO6 engines are equipped with emission-lowering measures which means there may be insufficient power going to the (optional) battery pack and cooling engine. VebaBox has partnered with commercial vehicle installers across the whole of the Netherlands who can install VebaBoxes. Have the installation carried out by one of our designated commercial vehicle installers and you also receive a 1 year guarantee on the VebaBox installation. We are unable to guarantee proper functioning of the VebaBox if it is installed by someone else.

You will only be without your vehicle for one day for installation of the VebaBox. If installation commences before 10:00 hours, the vehicle is returned the same day.

The high efficiency of the VebaBox produces heat emissions. We recommend installation of a thermostatic roof vent in combination with the Power Pack for cooling while stationary and in the summer sun. That way, you are assured the VebaBox will achieve the right temperature in warm conditions too.

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