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Conditioned Food distribution

Food safety has been specified in legislation for years and is actively evaluated according to standardisation such as the HACCP rules. However, the logistical challenges around the transportation of food are increasing rapidly. Increasingly, producers and retailers are focusing on last mile and providing home deliveries of fresh food to the end client. Food safety is receiving more and more attention -in part because of recent scandals. At the same time, consumers demand immediate access to the freshest foods -cold or hot- preferably delivered to their homes. The trend for organic food (with a shorter shelf life) makes conditioned transport all the more important.

Food distribution without cold chain breaks

Our active and passive cooling solutions are a response to increasingly finely-meshed food distribution. Thanks to our flexibility in terms of volume and modularity, we align seamlessly with all existing processes and standards. We can combine refrigerated, freezing and ambient temperatures in a single vehicle, so every vehicle can be loaded to optimal capacity. We prevent cold chain breaks by cooling (or conditioning) the cargo space. The cargo space can simply be transferred during each step. Looking to optimise or become more sustainable in food logistics? We optimise your part in the cold chain with minimal modifications and/or minimal investments. Sustainable, efficient and flexible.

Want to make the cold chain more sustainable and efficient?

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