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Service & Support

Our cold chain solutions are plug & play, flexible and structured in a modular fashion. We cool the cargo space actively or passively. That way, we make any vehicle, cooling environment, or transfer flexible and temperature-guaranteed.

The strength of the VebaBox concept is its modular structure, which makes it very service-friendly. Got a fault? Then you can switch the cool unit easily and quickly (within four minutes). This guarantees a high level of uptime and meanwhile, or engineer or one our service points can repair the cool unit.

Want to know how our products work? View the manual for the VebaBox or the accessories. We are at your service if something should go wrong. Our Problem Solver soon clarifies the cause for you and for us.

Need help with a solution? Call us between 08.00 and 17.00 hours on weekdays.

Need local assistance? Call us and we will check if there is a slot available at the closest service point, or we will send a service engineer around.


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