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Vebabox Custom Line

VebaBox Custom Line

The VebaBox Custom Line enables you to combine different temperatures of between -20˚C and +25˚C by fitting different compartments. The Custom Line has temperature controls on the cool unit and can be powered by the vehicle's 12V battery, 230V mains power, or standalone by means of a power pack. As for the rest: we customise the Custom Line as per your needs and requirements to optimise your logistics process. The possibilities are endless!

Dutch Water Labaratory company AQUON: professional lab research, expert information and reliable through the use of the VebaBox

"We have invested a lot of time and energy here to create the perfect installation of our company car to be able to do our work as efficiently as possible. VebaBox offers the solution to furnish our company car as practically as possible. Because quality measurements of the water are carried out immediately and then the sample is stored and transported in the VebaBox at +/- 5° C. The VebaBox is custom-made especially for us and we have enough space for office work and storage of our measuring instruments,” says John van Wijnen, Sr. Sampler.

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