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Vaccination is the most important step towards a life without corona rules. Ultimately, anyone 12 years of age or older can choose to be vaccinated. These vaccines must be distributed, which is possible with the VaccinBox in addition to the VebaBox. The supply chain from producer to end user must be a cold chain. VebaBox is a pioneer in cold chain distribution, where VebaBox has already gained a lot of experience in the Pharma, Food, Health & Lab industry. The VaccinBox provides active cooling so that the quality of the vaccines or medicines are preserved. The temperature can be set according to the requirements of the Covid-19 vaccine.

We offer the cold chain solution for the transport and storage of COVID-19 vaccines without dry ice: VaccinBox 25L. This solution is a portable freezer with active cooling. This enables the vaccines to be frozen (at -80°C or -20°C without dry ice), stored, or transported easily. Suitable for vaccines (the COVID-19 vaccine, amongst others) that need to remain deep-frozen or refrigerated during transport, storage and transshipment to guarantee the quality of the vaccine.

Temperature options without the use of dry ice: -80°C and -20°C."

VaccinBox 25L vaccin distribution solution VaccinBox VaccinBox 25L

VebaBox offers different concepts with innovative techniques for transporting Covid-19 vaccines without dry ice and for storing them under the right conditions. VebaBox, cold chain innovation that works.

  • -80°C and -20°C
  • No dry ice
  • Extensive experience with temperature-sensitive products
  • Stable cooling and temperature monitoring
  • Simple refrigerated transport
  • For all applications
  • No disruptions to temperature
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