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AQUON: professional water lab research, expert information and reliable by use of VebaBox

AQUON is an innovative full-service partner for nine water boards and water boards in the central and southern Netherlands. Every day they deal with professional water lab research, expert information and reliable advice. The research provides insight into water quality and thus forms the basis for healthy and sustainable water management. “To guarantee the quality of our water samples, it is important that they are stored and transported under the right conditions, and we do this partly by the use of VebaBox,” says John van Wijnen, Sr. sampler.

In March 2021, AQUON renewed its company vehicle fleet and equipped its company vehicles with a custom-made mini laboratory. John: “We have invested a lot of time and energy here to create approximately the perfect installation in order to be able to do our work as efficiently as possible. VebaBox offers the solution to furnish our commercial vehicle as practically as possible, because quality measurements of the water can be taken immediately, after which the sample is stored and transported at +/- 5°C in the VebaBox. Because the VebaBox has been custom-made especially for us, we have enough space left over for office work and storage of our measuring instruments.”

During the process, the VebaBox must always ensure the correct temperature of the samples and it is important that enough power is available to actively cool the cooling motor. “In collaboration with VebaBox and upfitter "Brover Bedrijfswageninrichting", we have thoroughly researched how we can guarantee the temperature during the many short stops and ensure sufficient power supply. We have opted for the flexible combination of a power pack in combination with solar panels and shore power. As a result, the cooling motor continues to cool when the car's engine is turned off, and the solar panels allow this to be extended up to approximately two hours," says John. The power supply, air temperature and the temperature of the glycerine are monitored in real time by means of sensors, ensuring reliability and quality. John: “As a result, I can see that even on a hot summer day in the morning the VebaBox is up to temperature within half an hour and that the glycerine remains at a stable temperature during the process.” AQUON hereby confirms that it is a reliable and professional partner for its customers.