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Shanghai Blood Center

Shanghai Blood Center is one of the largest blood suppliers in China and is the most critical nationwide. As many as 25 million people live in Shanghai, making the city the commercial center of China. It is very important that there is sufficient blood supply and that it is of good quality. To guarantee this quality, Shanghai Blood Center uses nine VebaBoxes.

Reliable blood cold chain
Blood transfusions play a vital role in many life-saving medical treatments. In 1988, Shanghai Blood Center became a partner for blood supplier of WTO. Shanghai Blood Center is responsible for the blood supply of more than 160 hospitals in the city of Shanghai and for the collection and delivery of blood for several cities. A single blood donation helps to save up to three lives. Therefore, a reliable blood cold chain protecting the performance of blood is extremely important. This is possible with the VebaBox, which the Shanghai Blood Center uses for blood transport in the city.

Guaranteed quality
After more than 50 years of development, Shanghai Blood Center is the only blood collection and supply facility in the Shanghai metropolitan area that has the function of blood collection, blood preparation, blood supply, research and education. In order to limit any risks to blood quality (which could have serious consequences for use), temperature controlled transport is crucial. The VebaBox ensures that the blood is transported at the desired temperature between 2 – 8 degrees. The VebaBox cools / heats even when the vehicle's engine is not running. With the cool solutions from Vebabox, Shanghai Blood Center always guarantees the right quality of the blood during transport and on location.

VebaBox for Shanghai Blood Center Health