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Entrepreneur Ton Stam van Eten met Gemak uses the active cooling concept VebaBox to deliver chilled meals!

Entrepreneur Ton Stam van Eten met Gemak has many years of experience as a cook in the healthcare sector and therefore knows better than anyone how important it is to be able to enjoy a tasty and healthy meal. Due to the many changes in care, the elderly have to live at home longer and longer and the pressure on informal caregivers is increasing. These changes gave Ton Stam the idea to do something for himself. As of January 1, 2019 he started as an independent entrepreneur at Eten with ease. He supplies chilled meals to residential groups, healthcare institutions and companies, and of course to people's homes.

In order to guarantee and deliver the quality of the chilled meals, Ton Stam has chosen VebaBox. “I already knew the VebaBox concept through my old employer and I have seen how the VebaBox works with my colleagues. Given the relatively low investment, it was interesting for me as a starting entrepreneur to opt for a VebaBox instead of a refrigerated truck. I can also take the VebaBox with me to a new company car. The depreciation of VebaBox therefore concerns several cars," says Ton Stam.

Ton Stam has now also purchased a Power Pack, which keeps the meals continuously cooled. As a result, there is also active cooling during standstill and the temperature in the VebaBox remains consistently good. Ton Stam: “The VebaBox heats up quickly and the format I use is perfect for this application! I am satisfied with the service. I have few malfunctions, but if there is something, it is quickly resolved from VebaBox!

With the VebaBox, Ton Stam guarantees the taste quality of his chilled meals and thus increases the quality of independent living for seniors. In addition to delivering the fresh meals, there is also the social aspect with the customer and with that he makes his customers happy every day!