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Omega Logistics starts with the VebaBox dual-temp solution; a tailor-made active solution with two temperature zones.

The Netherlands, UDEN, November 4, 2019 – Omega Logistics, part of the Jan de Rijk Group, has recently launched a tailor-made variant of the VebaBox Cool Solutions concept 'VebaBox'. Jordi de Koning, Business Support Manager Omega Logistics: “The VebaBox concept is a simple and efficient solution, which enables us to carry out the transport of medicines and medical devices in a more efficient and flexible manner. The VebaBox looks very good and we are impressed by the speed and stability with which the desired temperature is reached and maintained”.

Omega Logistics has developed into a major player in the market in the transport of medication and medical devices in recent years. The transport of pharmaceutical products involves many specific requirements and obligations, which are established in the GDP guidelines. The GDP guidelines therefore form the framework in which they carry out their activities. An important part of the GDP guidelines is the conditioned transport of the products.

In addition to a fully dual-temp vehicle fleet, Omega Logistics has also opted for the VebaBox. Thanks to the VebaBox dual-temp solution, they can transport medicines at two different temperatures (read: cool and ambient) in combination, also in their flexible shell, so that the GDP transport can be easily scaled up. The Vebabox is tailor-made to the needs of Omega Logistics and is a unique concept in the fine-mesh GDP distribution, because it is equipped with a movable partition. Depending on the need, the compartments can be made larger or smaller.

VebaBox, Rachel Herregraven: “The VebaBox is an extremely suitable solution for combined transport with different transports at different temperatures. The VebaBox continuously provides active cooling of products. Both in the car on 12V from the engine as 'stand alone' with a power pack or on 230V. Due to the developments and the unique product, significant growth is expected in the coming years.”

VebaBox offers an innovative and efficient solution to actively cool the load carrier in the supply chain, so that greater efficiency can be achieved in the chain and product quality can be better guaranteed. The strength of the 'VebaBox' concept is that it has a modular structure, which makes it very flexible to use in the entire logistics chain. In addition, the VebaBox can be made to any size and is suitable for all makes of commercial vehicles. With the VebaBox, products can be distributed and stored between -20 and +25 degrees.

VebaBox and Omega Logistics see the Cold Chain market growing as consumers are making more and more demands and consumer safety is becoming increasingly important, causing the traditional Cold Chain to triple in the next four to five years. In addition, municipalities and government are trying to improve the well-being and living situation in the city and are looking at electrification of means of transport and new urban distribution models.