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Supermarket SPAR Genderen has started their grocery delivery with VebaBox!

Fabian van Horssen of supermarket SPAR Genderen: “I really liked it. Even during the hot summer days of August 2020, I was able to continue to supply my customers with cool products. Without the VebaBox I would otherwise not have been able to keep the groceries at the right temperature in a warm commercial vehicle. It works quite simply; just turn it on for 15 minutes and you can deliver the groceries all day long. By using a PowerPack, the VebaBox also continues to cool when you are standing still and the engine of your car is switched off. And while driving, the PowerPack automatically recharges.”

“I am a big proponent of the VebaBox, but you have to take into account enough space for non-refrigerated products. That is why I would personally opt for a box near the side door, so that I have enough space for the other products that do not need to be kept refrigerated. This allows me to guarantee the quality of all my products and increase customer satisfaction.”