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The Red Cross can optimize its logistics processes with the donation of the mobile VebaBox

Boskoop, April 28, 2020 – During this period of the corona crisis, VebaBox wants to contribute to healthcare during the difficult time. That is why VebaBox donated a mobile VebaBox or an actively cooled roll container to the Red Cross last Friday 24 April, 2020. “With the donation of the Vebabox refrigerated container, we are able to further professionalize our logistics so that our healthcare professionals can receive maximum support in the performance of their work,” says Remko Wiersema, medical warehouse coordinator Red Cross Medical Service.

The Red Cross have had started an action #delivery service in collaboration with Toyota to collect as many (practical) tools as possible. During this difficult time, our healthcare heroes need protective equipment to do their job safely. The need for the right medical aids and foods is greater than ever. VebaBox was triggered by this action and has donated a super-modern, actively refrigerated roll container to the Red Cross Medical Service.

VebaBox Rode Kruis

With the actively refrigerated mobile container from VebaBox, the Medical Service now has the opportunity to always transport and store its medicines and other related care items at the right temperature and conditions. The actively cooled mobile container continuously provides active cooling between 2°C and 25°C, both in the vehicle on 12V as 'standalone' with a power pack or on 230V at an event location or warehouse. This mobile VebaBox can actively cool and heat. As a result, the Red Cross can comply even better with the legislation and regulations regarding the storage and transport of medication and related items. This also means that the required medication can be administered to the patient at the correct temperature and manner during a deployment in times of crisis or during an event.

The Medical Service of the Red Cross is the partner within the Red Cross for the provision of medical care at various levels of care and advice on care-related issues. The medical service wants to be at the forefront of new developments and provide good care at events and during emergency aid. Thanks to the donation from VebaBox, another professionalization step has been taken.

VebaBox's mission is to break the "cold chain" with innovative and modular solutions. Fewer transport movements, fewer "cold chain breaks" and more certainty of the right conditions during and after transport and storage. VebaBox does this with active and passive cooling of the load carrier. VebaBox thinks along in issues such as optimizing logistics processes and making the "cold chain" flexible.